Knock knock… who’s there?

This week a friend of YourBotswana shared this hilarious video by Jordan Indigo Isaac with us. We loved it so much we just had to share it with you, our valued readers. Sadly, this is one of those comedic moments that may well fly over non-Batswana’s heads, because as we all know, comedy can be very region specific. As it stands, it seems to have rubbed some Batswana up the wrong way!

Jordan makes light of the fact that Batswana (probably South African Tswana people) will sometimes go somewhere, knock and when asked who is it, go “it’s me!” as if it should be obvious to the person inside. He does it so well that it has had many Batswana on Facebook in stitches this week. What also adds to the comic value is how deliciously camp he is in the video.

YourBotswana recognises that while many will see it for what it is, a cheeky lighthearted moment designed for laughs, some may see it as something more sinister. But we all need to sometimes be a little bit self-deprecating, just have fun and take jokes in the spirit with which they are delivered. This video clip is not only hilarious and fun but also spot on!

Click the link below the picture, watch the viedo and make up your own mind:


A Jordan Indigo Isaac video. The video is only available via Jordan’s Facebook page, so you will require a Facebook account to view it.

What side of the fence are you on; do you find the video offensive or funny? Please comment with your views. Thank you Sethunya Luella Bandi Botshabelo for bringing this video to YourBotswana’s attention.


4 years ago

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