Maun Educational Park to be refurbished to attract tourism


Botswana’s Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism, Tshekedi Khama says the revamping of the Maun Educational Park will help attract tourists to the tourism village. The government is expected to spend 48 million Pula on the refurbishment of the park.

Speaking to Voice Money in a telephone interview last Thursday, Khama said the park, which is located near Maun’s Old Mall, would also be renamed. The Minister said guided by the park’s management plan, there have been other developments, which they feel can be added to it.

Khama revealed that among the developments, there would be a traditional facility. He expressed concern that tourists visiting Botswana only use Maun International Airport as a pit stop en route to the Okavango Delta without ever visiting Maun.

He said;

“The tourists visiting the country do not know anything about our culture or anything about us, they only go to view animals in the delta and go back to their countries.”

Khama said the idea of refurbishing the park would give tourists the full experience of what Botswana is all about, including its culture. He explained that the park would also have facilities to be used for educational purposes.

Reference: The Voice
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