Son of the Soil 2017

The 13th edition of the annual cultural festival, Son of the Soil (SOTS) will be held on the 25th February (next Saturday). This year the festival is to be held at Serokolwane farms along the A1 from Gaborone, under the theme “Kwa Re Go Yang-Re kgabile.”

Kwa re go yang, re kgabile – where we are headed, we are dressed to the nines

YourBotswana had the pleasure of having a chat with one of the founders of Son of the Soil, Pontsho Pusoetsile this Friday (17 Feb 2017). Pontsho explained that the theme is aimed at celebrating the significance of dressing up for important events in Botswana culture. He also said  that this year the festival aims to celebrate different traditional attires and trendy national dress styles.

The organisers have also taken into account feedback and are working tirelessly to bring a fresher element to the event. They say while activities will largely remain similar, there will also be new elements to spice up festivities. One of the main changes is that the Saturday events will be broken down into the early morning, mid-morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening events.

This year lunch is not being included as part of the fee; instead, the organisers have engaged various private caterers from whom people will be able to buy their own lunch. Pontsho explained that doing this would free them up to focus on ensuring that they provide the best entertainment that meets the attendees’ expectations. Last year there were glitches around the quality of food and portion sizes. The organisers believe that people buying their own lunch will help smooth out the whole process. Breakfast and traditional beverages will be provided as part of the package.


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