Warning – entry into Central Kalahari Game Reserve

When the weatherman warned at the beginning of the summer that Botswana was to receive above average amounts of rain this season, nobody could have predicted it to be accurate. After all, Batswana are used to the promise of rain that never quite materialises.

However, this time the weatherman’s forecast has come true, and then some. Rain the likes of which Botswana has not seen for years has fallen nationwide and continues to do so as we speak. As welcome as it is, the rain has left in its wake destruction up and down the country, and it doesn’t even seem to be quite done yet. The latest ‘casualty’ is the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, which has also received heavy downpours, leaving the roads muddy and impassable.

Please see the Botswana Government warning below

The public is advised that weather conditions in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are very bad due to heavy rains. Driving in the park is not advisable at this time; therefore those who choose to drive in the park are advised to use no less than two vehicles.

The public is further advised that in case they get stuck in the park, they should remain in their vehicles and not try to walk to any nearest places as there are dangerous animals, especially elephants and lions that may prey on them.

Moreover, everyone going into the park should make sure they are equipped with adequate supply of food and water or any other things which they may need in case they get stranded.

Other tourists are encouraged to help those who may need assistance. It will be better to cancel all planned self-drives until the weather conditions improve.

For any enquiries call +267 6530084 or +267 71400304.

Picture courtesy of http://thetravelgal.blogspot.com/2005/09/botswana-arrival.html

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