Botswana the place to travel in 2016

Some may wonder why YourBotswana is sharing this news with you when it’s so last year. Well quite simply, because we can and more importantly, Lonely Planet did such a great job of explaining why Botswana made for a worthy winner last year, we simply couldn’t help ourselves.

Botswana is truly a country of great beauty, and doesn’t often get the spotlight shone over it. Batswana are by nature not boastful, and rarely blow their own trumpet, if ever. But luckily for them, YourBotswana is not as shy and retiring; we aim to put Botswana on the map every opportunity we get. We just couldn’t let the opportunity to share Lonely Planet’s beautiful words about Botswana slip through our fingers, because they remain relevant in 2017.

See what they said about Botswana when they declared it ‘the place to travel in 2016’

Botswana has “some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth,” from elephants and antelopes, to big cats and African wild dogs.

Last year Lonely Planet announced Botswana as “a place of extraordinary beauty and a bounty of natural treasures; some of the greatest wildlife displays on earth, rugged and untouched national parks, a thriving and welcoming culture, and ranking it as a leading safari destination! A journey to this beating heart of the African continent is unforgettable.”

“Wild Africa at its best.” – Lonely Planet team

Much of the country is vast wilderness, untouched and untamed by modern infrastructure, making it a destination that requires a little extra time and planning. The rewards however are incredible.

Featuring daily wildlife sightings of great intrigue, including the second largest zebra migration in the world, unspoiled wilderness areas, diverse safari opportunities, unsurpassed peace and tranquility and conserved parklands, it’s no wonder Botswana has leapt into the number one spot!

The land-locked African country is known for its rare combination of desert and delta, as well as its vast array of wildlife. A total of 17 per cent of the country is dedicated to national parks and in 2014 the Okavango Delta became UNESCO’s 1,000th World Heritage Site.

We at YourBotswana couldn’t have put it better ourselves! That’s why we just had to share this, to remind people that Botswana remains a worthy holiday destination.

Source: Lonely Planet
Picture credit: Qimono

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