Botswana’s Vincent Crosbie snatches 36th overall position at 2017 Dakar Rally!

We at YourBotswana would like to extend a massive congrats to Vincent Crosbie for putting Botswana on the map at the 2017 Dakar rally Race and returning home a champion!

Considered one of the world’s most gruelling motorsport events, the 2017 Dakar rally route ran for nearly 9,000km across three countries – Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia

Much of the terrain is unmarked desert. Four categories; motorbikes, quads, cars and trucks tackled an incredible variety of terrains.Not for the faint of heart, part of the route saw competitors traverse many sections at high altitude – from deserts to mountain roads and flooded rivers to salt flats!

26-year-old Vincent Crosbie was born and raised in Botswana. He has been riding in the Botswana bush and sand since the tender age of three. He says the biggest influence in his riding career has always been his father, Noel; who was devoted to the sport and Vincent considered his true guiding light.

Sadly, his father passed away when he was young. But Vincent didn’t let this deter him, instead remaining resolute in his aim to fulfill his and his father’s dream of going to the Dakar Rally.

Vincent’s persistence and hard work paid off, as this year competition saw him complete his maiden Dakar Rally in an impressive 36th place overall.

The rally ended on 14 January in Buenos Aires.

Congratulations, Vincent and thank you for making us proud to be Batswana. Pula!

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