Dutch company rakes it in off the back of Setswana Kgotla system!

In recent years, some Batswana have questioned whether the Kgotla system has a place in 21st century Botswana. Imagine my surprise then when I stumbled across a successful Dutch company called Kgotla, whose very model draws inspiration from Botswana’s humble Kgotla system.

Amsterdam-based Kgotla Company has no complaints whatsoever about the Kgotla system, and in fact bases its practices on the Setswana Kgotla system.

With esteemed clients such as the Netherlands Red Cross, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the Dutch government and Ernst & Young Europe on its books, The Kgotla Company has to be laughing all the way to the bank.

Founder Martijn de Liefde was inspired to set up The Kgotla Company in February 2003 based on his experience of Kgotlas in Botswana.

Martijn de Liefde has even written several books inspired by the Kgotla system, including “Lekgotla, Leadership Through Dialogue”.

The Kgotla Company holds Kgotla meetings in Botswana’s Kalahari desert, with the belief that “in such a beautiful and impressive setting, getting to the essence of your issues and developing a vision takes perceptibly less effort; it seems almost to come by itself.”

The Company has an extensive network of guest speakers (over forty) in South Africa, Botswana and Europe.

Reference: SundayStandard

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