Government to pay P2,000 grant to unemployed youths in 2017

Unemployed people between the ages of 16 – 31 will be happy to learn that the government reportedly plans to award them a P2 000 grant from this year. This will come as very good news for those in question because Botswana like most countries is grappling with the challenge of youth unemployment.

Youth unemployment in Botswana is estimated to stand at 36,1%, which is significantly higher than adult unemployment at 15,6%.

The government recognises the fact that the youth aren’t able to contribute to economic growth and invests a lot of money in youth programs designed to uplift and empower them. The youth programs are intended to alleviate the high level of unemployment, as well as to enhance youth social inclusion and cohesion.

Starting this year, the government has pledged to introduce social assistance aimed at unemployed youth aged between 16 and 31 to ensure that they are able to put food on the table every day. Details are rather sketchy as to whether this payment will be a one off or regular arrangement, the exact requirements for eligibility and how all those who are eligible are meant to go about claiming the money.

Botswana has no social service system where people who fall on hard times are able to claim for benefits. Moreover, Botswana is not a very cheap country to live in. So although P2 000 is not to be sniffed at, especially if it’s money you’ve not worked for, it’s still far from enough to survive on. However, the government has to be commended for taking steps to help. The minimum wage falls way below this figure, so anyone who qualifies will be in a far better position than say, someone who works in a supermarket.

We’ll keep an ear out and will report back on this article, as soon as we have the full details.


3 years ago

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