Travelling North? You might want to give NKK Express a try!

I wrote an article on Botswana public transport including long distance buses, which don’t make for a very comfortable journey. Shortly after I wrote the article, I was discussing the state of public transport in Botswana with a friend, when he told me about NKK Express, a new Botswana – owned bus service with a difference!

My friend was so impressed with the night bus; he couldn’t stop gushing over how good the service was. Based on what he told me, I just had to dig a little further, to be confident within myself that indeed what he said was true, and I was very pleasantly surprised with my findings.

*I have yet to experience this service firsthand.

NKK Tours & Agency is a transport service provider whose services extend through the SADC region. The company says on its Facebook page that it ‘has a reputation of integrity and excellence in management and it relies on the proven skills of its founder to take advantage of the growing need for passenger transport services.’

And indeed, they appear to make good on their word, based on the quality of service they currently offer. The company currently has a fleet of fourteen buses, with routes between Gaborone-Francistown, Gaborone-Serowe, Gaborone-Maun and Gaborone-Moshupa.

What I really like About NKK Express that sets it apart from the rest

  • No loud music
  • No weird movies
  • Toilets onboard
  • Very comfortable seats
  • No crowding, one passenger per seat
  • Very few standing passengers

The absence of conductors- not to say there’s anything wrong with having a conductor onboard; but I strongly believe most passengers would prefer the NKK Express way of collecting money prior to the journey starting.

Tickets can be purchased at the bus rank by the Maun-Gaborone trailers.

There’s also a relief driver, which I feel is essential on the Gaborone-Maun route. Maun is very far from Gaborone (just under 1 000km), so the knowledge that there are two drivers taking turns to drive to guard against exhaustion, will bring comfort to many.

It’s fully air-conditioned; no windows thrown wide open here!

*At P190, it’s very competitively priced, as some regular buses charge around P200 and you don’t get any of the comforts listed here.

[* Current price, please re-confirm with NKK Express before your journey.]

I’m reliably told there are no long stops allowing people to queue for food. Orders for food are submitted prior to the departure, which the NKK Express staff ring through so that by the time you get to the designated point in the journey, the food orders are ready to pick up. My friend said when he went, orders were made with Nandos.

It’s safe and clean.

NKK Express has a subsidiary called NKK Tours & Agency, which offers tourist transfers around Botswana and the whole of Southern Africa.

*Please note: This service may not be available on a daily basis. Based on that, we’ll enquire about exact availability and update this article accordingly as soon as we have the information. Until then, please be advised; it would be prudent to check the availability of this particular service in advance before travelling to avoid disappointment. Also, other bus services such as Seabelo have started offering this kind of service. Update to follow shortly.

Typical schedule for Gaborone – Maun
Departure 1930hrs
Arrival 0530hrs

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