Maun Debonairs creates much needed employment for residents

For most people around the world, the opening of a restaurant passes without incident because it’s just not newsworthy. In Botswana however, it is very welcome and indeed exciting news for a couple of reasons.

For one, in a country where jobs are very thin on the ground, it means much-needed employment for residents. Also, for some parts of Botswana, it provides an extra alternative in terms of where to eat out. There was a time when trying to find a decent place to eat in Maun was worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack. To show you just how dire the situation was; I remember a time when Maun residents would implore anyone going to Francistown, the next big city up from Maun, to bring them back some KFC. People would then place their orders and give the person money to buy them some KFC!

Not any more! Residents and visitors alike are now spoilt for choice with the emergence of countless eateries in Maun in recent years, with one of the latest being the popular Debonairs Pizza. The newly opened Debonairs Pizza branch, situated in the Old Mall near Rileys garage, has reportedly created employment for 40 people from Maun and surrounding areas.

Debonairs Marketing Manager, Ms. Kiki Mosunda said they have employed cashiers, chefs, drivers and a branch manager.

She said they decided to employ staff in Maun as opposed to bringing staff from Gaborone or Francistown so that the locals could benefit. She explained;

“Debonairs Pizza is all about empowering people and encouraging the spirit of sharing. Our products and services are meant to encourage people and families to have the spirit of sharing and giving.”

She also highlighted that they decided to open a branch in Maun in response to tireless requests from Maun residents, most of whom took to social media platforms to make their appeal to Debonairs to open a branch in Maun.

She said based on Maun being a big town, opening a branch made business sense to Debonairs. Additionally, she said because Maun is a tourist town, they saw that as a golden opportunity to tap into that market.

The new branch has 4 motorbikes that will deliver orders within a 5km radius of Maun.

Reference: BOPA

2 years ago

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