Welcome to YourBotswana

Dumelang and welcome to YourBotswana!!

I’m very proud and excited to introduce you to YourBotswana. It’s taken a lot of hard work in a relatively short space of time… as well as numerous cups of coffee and late nights. You may have noticed the site is somewhat minimalist at the moment, but please bear with me, there’s plenty more to come.

YourBotswana is very much in its infancy and it will take time to grow, create posts and a strong archive of material. I hope to steadily build a positive reputation and in turn build the YourBotswana brand. Over time I hope YourBotswana becomes popular and more interactive with friends of YourBotswana also providing material… after all our Botswana is your Botswana.

The website has a fresh appearance and is easy to navigate. Simplicity is the key and why YourBotswana is simple and clean with user-friendly features. We have created sections, which allow you to find information about Botswana and services, albeit they are still to be populated.

There’s still a lot of work to do and a lot of coffee to be drunk. Please keep visiting the site, as it will evolve over time.

Thank you for visiting the website.

3 years ago

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