Air Botswana partners with Qatar Airways

Air Botswana recently struck a landmark partnership deal with Qatar Airways, effective from October 2016. No doubt the partnership will be a much-needed lifeline to Air Botswana. Many Batswana across the world as well as friends of Botswana will almost certainly be heaving a collective God almighty sigh of relief at this new development.

I personally hope the deal will breathe new life into the ailing Air Botswana, which has for what feels like forever plodded along amid never ending delays, cancellations, sky rocketing airfares, allegations of mismanagement that have refused to go away over the decades, among others. This deal will certainly bring renewed confidence and pride in the part state – owned airliner. With Qatar Airways rated among the very best airlines, we can only hope that Air Botswana will embrace and emulate as many of the good practices that have made Qatar Airways what it is today.

The two airlines have signed a new,‘codeshare agreement’ to seal the partnership.

The agreement allows passengers departing from Gaborone, Francistown and Maun to connect via Johannesburg for flights bound for Doha. Passengers departing from Doha will also be able to connect to Gaborone, Francistown and Maun via Johannesburg.

Air Botswana’s acting General Manager, Ms. Agnes Khunwana recently said the Air Botswana/Qatar Airways partnership will grant customers who book directly with Qatar Airways easy and direct access to a number of key business and high-end leisure destinations across Botswana, while providing easy access to Qatar Airways’ global network for people travelling between Gaborone, Francistown and Maun.

Officials also said the agreement will allow Qatar Airways customers from key markets in Europe and Asia visiting Botswana, whether for business or leisure, faster and more convenient access to Botswana’s rich mineral industry, abundant game reserves, and luxury safari lodges.

Source: Botswana Daily News
October 2016
Photo credit: Gary Ashworth

3 years ago

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