Virtual Assistance

I can help you with your work and/or personal life tasks. Sometimes our day-to-day life can hinder other projects and finding the time to carry out certain tasks can be impossible.

I can assist you with activities such as:

Typing Up Notes 

If you have any notes you have no time or the energy to type up, I can get it done for you. I promise a high level of accuracy and diligence.

Forum Posting 

Are you looking for a writer to post comments on your forum? I have years’ experience working on both paid and non-paid forum posting sites. So I know what it entails as well as the general etiquette required to post on various forums.

I’m happy to comment on your forum for an agreed fee.

Researching/Making Travel & Accommodation Arrangements within Botswana 

Need anything sorted out in Botswana that you can’t do yourself because of distance? Who better to do it for you than YourBotswana? Please enquire either via YourBotswana contact page or head over to my Fiverr page where you can view for yourself what my customers think of my service.

I can also send Botswana postcards anywhere you want them sent. You’re welcome to have a look at the types of postcards we have. Please feel free to read through my customer reviews on Fiverr via the link below.

eBook Editing/Formatting/Book Cover Designs 

I can get this done for you through our partner Blue Zebra Creative. Please feel free to enquire via Yourbotswana or go to where there are countless examples of our work.


I provide professional transcription services and have tens of thousands of minutes of audio recordings under my belt. I respect confidentiality and I’m happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before work is carried out.

Please send through an enquiry detailing your exact needs. Based on that, we’ll be able to tell you if we’re able to help.


If you’re looking for a high quality professional translation service to enable you to communicate accurately, I can provide English to Setswana/Setswana to English translation services. I have exceptional English and Setswana language skills. Please visit the ‘about’ page to see my background.

I work remotely, so you can be anywhere in the world and I will carry out the work effectively and efficiently. I understand there are different time zones, so I try to be flexible with communication (email, Skype, phone).

Get in touch if you’re interested and would like to know more.