UB introduces seven academic programmes


The University of Botswana has introduced four revised programmes as well as three new postgraduate programmes.

According to a memorandum from the UB Council, the four programmes include one Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science and three Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering (Civil), Primary Education, and Educational Leadership and Management. These commenced in August 2017. The new Postgraduate programmes include three Masters Degrees in Entrepreneurship, Environmental Education and an Arts Degree in Sociology. All three will commence in January 2018. A decision was also made to discontinue the Bachelor of Engineering (Construction and Management) with effect from August 2017.

Books Botswana, now John Smith International (Botswana) will continue to provide the UB with bookshop services. The contract has been extended by nine months and will run from October 2017 up to June 30, 2018.

The Council also approved the introduction and implementation of the tuition fee payment plan for privately sponsored students. Payments will be made in three installments; the first one being at least 50 percent of the total fee, which is to be paid prior to registering and subsequently two equal installments of 25 percent by the end of the first month following the month of registration.

Reference: BOPA

12 months ago